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KOVO GROUP, s.r.o. is a modern manufacturing company with a long tradition in the production of metal products. Since its foundation in 1998, it has gradually grown into one of the leading companies in the market for the production of weldments up to 32 tons. Thanks to the continuous expansion and modernization of its technological equipment, KOVO GROUP is able to meet customer requirements for high product quality, short delivery times and affordable prices.

KOVO GROUP, s.r.o. was founded in 1998 as a small company. At that time, it focused mainly on the sale of metallurgical material. Thanks to its high-quality work and satisfied customers, the company has gradually grown and expanded its production. In 2008, the company built a new machining hall, which enabled the increase in production capacity and the expansion of the product range. As a result, KOVO GROUP has become an important player in the market for weldments and metal structures.

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Our team

Petr Rehwald


Tel: +420 777 740 002

E-mail: p.rehwald@kovogroup.cz

Jan Liška

Material purchasing manager

Tel: +420 777 740 008

E-mail: j.liska@kovogroup.cz

Veronika Řepecká


Tel: +420 777 740 003

E-mail: kovogroup@kovogroup.cz

Martin Berger

Welding shop foreman

Tel: +420 777 740 005

E-mail: m.berger@kovogroup.cz

Filip Tichý

Machine shop foreman

Tel: +420 777 740 010

E-mail: f.tichy@kovogroup.cz

Ondrej Holman


Tel: +420 777 740 007

E-mail: o.holman@kovogroup.cz

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