Production is ensured on the basis of the customer's requirements according to the drawing documentation supplied or provided by us. The welding center is equipped with semi-automatic welding machines FRONIUS 457, KIT 500W, etc. The mentioned devices are capable of welding with a melting electrode in a protective atmosphere of CO2 and mixed gases. Our company mainly produces weldments with a high degree of processing and precision. The maximum weight of the weldment is 32 t.


We have NC and CNC horizontal boring machines, a Mascut AC 1860 CNC lathe, a SU 63 lathe and a VO 50 drill, which enables us to precisely process blanks, weldments or industrial castings. The machining hall was built in 2008 and is equipped with a 10,000 kg overhead crane. 


We carry out painting with a high-pressure device using a wet method. For the most part, we supply the final painting of mechanically processed weldments. We also take care to protect machined surfaces and threads.